Poems by
Kalyani Dash

The enchanting enigma

a poem by Kalyani Dash

I turned my gaze around
as the last bus to my home has left.
My breath was heavy
my heart was pounding
and I stood there with my parasol,
totally exhausted.
That was when my heart skipped a beat
beneath a banyan tree
he was sitting, totally drenched,
on his seat.
His shirt was sticking to his body
hung on the tips of his hair,
were tiny little raindrops,
which paused on his eyelashes
and rapidly rolled down his nose
and further down his neck
he had done nothing to me
yet, I was hypnotized.
He broke the spell and brought me into reality
as he looked at me, and…
our eyes met
that I realised.
His big dark eyes
as black as the thundering clouds
I wanted to be lost
deep, deep, deep in his eyes
Ah! I wish I could
I turned my eyes off him
so did he
too clumsy to express one another’s feelings
too shy to look into each other’s eyes
we both were silent
the only noise was the splattering of rain
strange sensation it was
Perhaps the aura of love.
I turned back
ready to depart
with a heavy heart
desperately he turned towards me
under the gloomy moon of that rain,
slowly… our eyes met again.
He smiled at me
was I supposed to be shocked?
Or blush?
Or smile back?
I didn’t know
but that warm smile stopped my heart
I do know
the cool breeze went past by me
slightly blowing my hair
but I…
I felt a warmth
a smooth warmth
and what was it, I don’t care.
The rain had stopped
the bus arrived
I got into the bus
but, my eyes were fixed on him
until the last inch of him
disappeared from my sight
I woke up from my dream
looked at the clock: 8 AM already???!!!
I rushed to the school like a mad man
forcing my way out
through the crowd
I noticed a familiar figure
he turned around,
looked at me
and smiled.
My heart ached in a sweet pain
our eyes met again.