Poems by
Jyoti Kumari

Your arms felt like home

a poem by Jyoti Kumari

One night,
That dream knocked again,
Where my loneliness grunted my peace,
And panting in silence I saw those paths again,
Every corner of it was filled with darkness,
I felt terribly alone, I felt weak
All those shut doors, the trembling silence,
And the chill down my spines.

It was summer but it felt like
I am shivering at the North Pole.

Losing the glimpse if light,
Morning the death of my hope,
I felt like a solitary soul.
It seemed the distance is too much which take me to home.

Shattered emotions, weaken desires and stammering voice.
But those swollen eyes still craved for a ray of hope.

Until you arrived, rescued me from my dire,
brought me out of the pain
And showed me the lights.

I curled myself around your arms,
Feeling your throbbing heart,
You riposted the same and believe me
Your arms felt like home.