Poems by
Justin Zeacharias

Ode to the Howling Wind

a poem by Justin Zeacharias

Oh! My Cruelest Wind!
You made the howling noise and kept me awake throughout the night;
You came as an official with an appointment to destroy me;
You brought with you heavy and thunderous downpour;
The lightening was the visible thing to witness my demolition.
You threw away my boats and nets, depriving me of livelihood;
You guillotined the roof of my house, making me homeless;
You uprooted all the electric posts, bringing the power supply to standstill;
The pumps and tanks could not be filled to meet my basic amenities.
You fell all my trees, making my land into desert to starve for years;
You damaged all the plants, leaving me nothing to eat;
You brought water in plenty, but not a drop for me to drink;
The fertile land turned into barren and I have become a beggar.
The howling and hissing sound made me frightened to death
I thought I would be starving with parched mouth for long.
I should thank you my cruelest wind making known to me,
Who really cares for me… who I should choose as my leader next?
I beseech you to come unannounced and terminate me entirely;
Not having to stand starved, homeless and begging for food…