Poems by
Jitendra Kumar Sharma

Wildest Animal Alive

a poem by Jitendra Kumar Sharma

Clouds are hovering
Darkness is engulfing the light
Wind is poking my naked skin
Shivering from inside
Nature is cruel now
As there is no place to go

Walking into wild
The silence is killing me
I can hear my breath
So the footsteps
Seems like rain will come
But there is no shelter to hide

I have open wounds
And it might attract some wild animal
But is there any left?
We have killed them all
Leaving us alone as the wildest animal
But what if I get lost in here
Who will find me here

I hope there is no one left
If not they must be hungry as I am
But what to eat now
There is no food here
Let’s find something
Oh! what is that smell
Must be some rotting animal
Or it could be a human

Let’s not see it
I can’t afford to vomit now
No trace should be left
I am not going to die
Starving is much better
Than being eaten alive
This world was the better place
But we destroyed everything

Now human is in its original form
No need to be pretentious
We have been eating each other since back
But now it is apparent
No more back stab
Kill or die situation
But I am not gonna eat human flesh

Is there any other way to survive
No, starving is the last option
Who would’ve imagined of this day
It’s cold in here
I need some fire here

Let’s burn some corpse
There are some people
At far distance
Eating the corpse
Oh god!
No! they have seen me

They are coming near me
I don’t wanna die
They are gonna eat me alive
No! No! No! Leave me alone

And back to reality
A nightmare
Thank god!
But why there is blood all over me
Where is my hand?
I can’t feel my leg
Who are these people
Chewing something

Oh! No!
They have eaten me
And it was the last breath