Poems by
Jeswant Gembali

Mournful squeak of the trees

a poem by Jeswant Gembali

“Oh! my Mother Earth,
Can’t we take our breath?
Before fulfilling the greed,
Of the everlasting human need.

Our branches gone,
And offsprings unknown.
But, we are On,
For this sorrowful mourn.

In the form of wood,
Feel that they should,
Become so rude,
To turn us into Crude.”

Friends, let’s make a balance
Of both trees and humans.
It’s time to co-exist,
So, please don’t resist.

Trees across the bay,
Survive all the day,
In the dark, passes a light ray,
To which I say:

No trees; No peace…
Without peace, life to cease.
So, bend on your Knees
And protect the Trees.