Poems by
Jayant T J


a poem by Jayant T J

Thank you Sir, KCR

After the Bill for Telangana State was passed
In the Lok Sabha, on 18th of February 2014
When the Bill was passed
In the Rajya Sabha, on 20th of February 2014
We have heard a voice in the background
With a sigh of great relief
“Oh, thank you Sir”

Yes, that thank you is for KCR
Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao
Heaven sent man to get Telangana state
You are more than a conquerer
You made the impossible become possible
Our desire for Telangana has come true
One man became the reason
For the change of destiny
Of people of the region
That gave us back our identity
That got us dignity
And released us
From the thorns of discrimination
From the sadness of degradation
And from the pain of exploitation

In 2001, you sowed the seed for Telangana
You lead from the front
And the people of Telangana followed you
Like loyal soldiers
In the war against oppression
You gave us the courage to fight
And we got the strength, to become stronger
You made us unite as one region
So much is your love for Telangana
That you were ready to sacrifice your life
As showed by hundreds of youngsters
Who gave their lives happily
That Telangana State means more than life

As the people of Telangana
We feel we are fortunate
To be living in these times of history
When you are living
And feel overwhelmed
Seeing your achievements for Telangana

For the people of Telangana
You are an icon
Or shall we say
You are a living legend
Your legacy will live on, forever