Poems by
Ilunga A


a poem by Ilunga A

My heart and emotions are captured by fear
My soul is being threatened
The people I thought were my own
Has grassed me because of the covetousness of power
I see my people every day being slaughtered like sheep
Their tears being wasted like rain
But not even this can’t stop this abhorrence
The beautiful country I was born in
Has turned into the pits of hell
The riches that once existed
Has been cobbled up by the whites
Leaving this beautiful place like a dry bone
Seeing my father being beaten up to death
While I stood to eye witness this disgraceful scene
My mother being raped before my very eye
Me being dragged away like a dog on a leash
How all these images have stayed in my system and spirit for so long
Now all men are debris to me
They took away the people I loved
Leaving me alone in this world