Poems by
H. K.B.

Something Beautiful!

a poem by H. K.B.

It was ecstatic, it was mesmerizing,
Not for others but for me to see you.
Your wave of hand while I walked in the bus,
Yes, it was a moment that became just.

It was awesome, awesome to be with you,
You feel that smile comes back to your face.
Since it’s been a long time you smiled,
It wants to live on your face for days.

Oh! I remember what had I thought,
But after that moment I didn’t regret it about,
Coz the feeling of happiness had overpowered me,
It had forgiven me and asked me to go on!

Just how wonderful is someone’s presence for you,
And yet we want to live with ourselves alone,
God’s never unjust to anyone since He sees you,
For you to realize his presence, he sends his angels to visit you.

I did not feel bad about anything I felt,
Because that was a part of my process,
My process to realize the grace coming to me,
Enlivening me and embracing me with love and caress.

This evening is unforgettable, coz it brought so much peace,
God has indeed a perfect timing to enrich our lives with good,
Though things still seem hazy in front of us for now,
He shows up to make you realize that you are not alone!!