Poems by
Dipti Vyas


a poem by Dipti Vyas

Pangs of pain felt deep within the heart when you had parted
You came into my life as a blessing and departed
Your smile made everyone’s heart melted
I felt like heaven in your company and somehow protected
I surrounded my world somewhere near you
It’s inexplicable that what I am going through
You have cut me loose
Made me hooked to substance abuse
I am feeling edgy and have to live all by myself
Thinking how to get hold of oneself
You came like a bubble
Now, my troubles doubled
I see everywhere gloom
In your absence, I may face doom
You had erased all the negative feelings and given me fresh hope
I see no one as a recourse
The moment spent with you keeps emerging in my memories
With you, everything appeared like a breeze
My mind deviate in whatever I do
I go restive while I walk alone in an avenue