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Life ain’t easy

a poem by Dipika

Life ain’t easy
It was never meant to be

Yet there are times of happiness
Drenched in the blessings of loved ones
Times when you feel the pain
Seems like a never ending rain

Wet with sorrow when you open you eyes
To find nobody by your side
Alone you are fighting the whole world
Just to realize one day, it’s all gone

Yet you wake up once again
To make a new beginning
But the time has come so mean
Stand up though, with the same smile
A brighter sunlight
Cause its life
You have to survive
With the head held high
And dressed in like an achiever

Coz it’s your life
Passion, dreams, charm is all your’s
Nobody, nobody can ever harm you, believe!
Unless you allow them to

Nobody makes you happy
It’s the real truth
The chrism of life
Then, when you believe in yourself
You learn how to “live”