Poems by
Dilka Fernando

The Stern Voice

a poem by Dilka Fernando

“Passage” a stern voice orders!
All the gossips and tricks end, all are in two passages
We are all in prayers for few minutes.
“Takeout your English books”, orders again.
The lub-dup of hearts of students can be heard.
Those who haven’t done the homework
Are liable for her punishments.

“Where is that boy?” she asks
I try my best to slip out of her sight,
Useless! She always spots me out. “Take your books and come forward”,
I am ordered. Among the others giggles, being the clown of the class
I come to my usual lonely place which says, “You’re warmly welcome sir”

Dreaming there, Ah the best moments I hear distant voice and laughs
“Excuse me”, the stern tone which makes me comeback to reality.
Sitting in front like a joker makes the passers-by smile and in return
I give them an uncomfortable smile.

All of us fear and honor for that voice and personality
Orders given, we act like the robots
After all a warming heart says, “I shout out at you to make you a better person”
All the stress we had vanish as magic and at the end all form a passage
Says “God bless you teacher and thank you teacher” with all our heart.