Poems by
Dharitri Bharatbhai Ramanlal

Common Man through a Magnifying Lens

a poem by Dharitri Bharatbhai Ramanlal

My glance at the common man makes me feel weird,
Always I do wonder where they get this worries reared,
Deity’s puja with which they have their morning geared,
‘Tilak’ with which they always have their foreheads smeared.

With enormous belief system, they always bow down in submission,
The causes of such devotions always being random,
Few of their minds filled with the dreams of mansion,
While the others busy thinking about today’s ration.

Some have their house keys hanging around their waist,
For safekeeping, their owner’s paradise leaves their places in haste,
The warmth of early morning sun, all seasons they get to taste,
Opportunity to earn the single holy bread they don’t want to waste.

Marriages being an integral part of their age,
Invest all their sweat in making this golden cage,
Sooner they start overwriting on their page,
In penning down the needs of their lineage

This monotonous regime takes a toll on their health,
But yet they haven’t amassed any wealth,
All they can do is teach their children about commonwealth,
For them, this is the only way living with stealth.

This is how the ego melts,
The juice of which we all smelt,
Thousands of stories whose depth we felt,
The way in which life is dealt