Poems by
Rahul Devrani

The New Chapter

a poem by Rahul Devrani

I come from a land of learning,
With a fire that is always burning,
But here, every bit for them I leave,
A new chapter is all I need,
A sky of my own to fly,
Catching her scent I always try,
A scene of my own I set,
Moulding her, I completely forget,
This world I then abandon in return,
And I feel my creation of a blazing Sun,
I fly I fly, up, up, there!
Oh! I did create it all from here,
I see, I find her on the leaves of a tree,
Or sometimes on that chair that’s free,
On the rocks or sometimes the empty streets,
Or that child who cries or the one who bleeds,
On the glowing sheets of paper I sometimes paint,
A dancing melody I forever chant,
There, there she smiles for me,
And there, there sun shines on me,
I go up and there and down with her,
When sometimes, no care, I jump into the river.