Poems by
Deepak Banjare


a poem by Deepak Banjare

Dreaming of light like, illustrating yours crystal eyes;
Like never I have done, under the bed-sheets of curtain side;
Hiding my self, when I hear your sound at my doom side;
Coming too my home I’m sleeping on that time;
Wake me up from dreams, where we travel all the sides;

Morning at the road walking along besides;
End at the mall party with you late night;
A chain bangle on right, bluish watch at left side;
Holding your hand sometimes like “always said, be my side”;
I remember only this, seen only at your eyes;
At the mid of day I have only yours crazy smiles;

Sparkling my night, car ones-headlight doesn’t work that time;
Some selfies, coming at the driving side;
So so so so… closer;
I can’t focus at your lips white strips;
I wanna kisss, like I have a pervert side;

Wake me up;
Same day, Same time;
Lets do it all again;
Like it always start with yours crazy smile…