Poems by
Death Pawn

Humans or Puppets

a poem by Death Pawn

Who are we?
Puppets of someone,
Or Puppets of something.

Perhaps Puppets of something
Dreams’ desires
Lust’ greed
Virtuality of happiness
Reality of pain
Stupidity of emotions
Providing the driving force
To run the hollow, shallow system.

Maybe our assumption is wrong.

Perhaps its Puppets of someone,
With interesting, amusing expressions
Stalking you
Judging you
Watching fom sidelines.
Giving you choices
Giving you hope
With satire in the eyes.

Playing with a page
First line starts with birth of Puppet
Last line ending with death of Puppet
And leaving whole page blank
With satire of fireworks.

Maybe both of our assumptions are wrong
Or we can fill the middle blank page
With puppet of something
Completing the whole page
Completing the fate of puppet.