Poems by
Darshan Kumar Rathor

Sunny Day

a poem by Darshan Kumar Rathor

Of that sunny day
I remember
I still remember that I kept that bedsheet unwashed with the wrinkles as it is
I remember the argument we had the previous day and the unsuccessful act of consoling you
I remember that walk to beach was not easy
Holding you fingers was not easy and
That we were almost full up to throat

But still our thinking of trying to let it go
The desire to hug and weep
It was beautiful

But somehow things didn’t go the way they should have been
I know we both didn’t want to behave the way we did
Why I had not played you the very favourite song of yours and
why I hadn’t cook that Chinese recipe which I was always bad at
And why I hadn’t made your hair the way I used to whenever you felt a bit low

And I also feel today
Why hadn’t you read those pages which I wrote to you
When you were away few months ago
Why hadn’t you put that movie which you know we laughed our stomachs out
Now it’s all ‘why’ and ‘what if’

You are gone and took my sun and moon away
I was hoping you might come back at evening
Today’s day has been so long and I don’t want this day again
And here again the night falls
Sky is dark and a star is being broken
And you know what wish I hold for this broken star

And I can hear chirping of crickets
But all I want to hear is your voice and your guitar strings
I hope I would be able to see you soon
I hope soon you will be waking me in the lawn