Poems by
Chokli M S

Rise up

a poem by Chokli M S

It’s a place with hills and mountains
It’s a place with rivers and oceans
It’s a place with nature and resources
It’s a place with cities and villages

Several religions, several faiths
Several colors, several shades
Several languages, several cultures
Several people but all united

Many came to loot her
Many came to rule her
Many came to dominate her
But unity destroyed them all

She announced republic
She announced free
She announced secular
She announced Democratic

A country with equality
A country with liberty
A country with fraternity
A perfect blend of mixity!

Times have changed and they came in
Someone who doesn’t like others within
Started saying I and you,
It’s not you but I fit in

It’s the time to wake up
It’s the time to rise-up
It’s the time fight again
As our ancestors fought against!!

You can try to discriminate us
You can try to divide
We will rise to fight against it
With unity in diversity !!!