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A new start

a poem by Charlotte

As I walked into the room, I saw the sparkle in your eyes.
Just like an iron attracted to a magnet, I was pulled right by your side.
I was shy ‘n’ you were too. It felt like madness all over new.
Close your eyes and just pray, I reminded myself over and over again.
You are here just to pray and not to fall in love all over again.
But my heart was still fluttering out loud, I wonder if you heard as it pound.
Then I saw you looking from the corner of your eyes,
As we both were wondering how to break the ice.
Suddenly our shoulders brushed and a jolt of current just rushed.
As I grinned and looked at you, I saw the laughter on your face too.
As we waited for the mass to end, I was wondering if this is how this story ends.
Then a message on your mobile appeared, is it meant for me I wondered.
“What’s your name?” was the question asked. I typed my name for our story to start.