Poems by
Chandan Singh

Casteist Eye, a Fall

a poem by Chandan Singh

O! Earth, are we truly your children?
Why you let us breed, just to see lust and greed.
You provided us, nurtured, satiated needs.
Mined, blasted, holed; blood that bleeds.

Earth: You say, you control now; have science.
I am living, breathing through all who lives.
I too am ailing, waiting for conscience.

Mother! How much and how long, we can sustain?
We fight, we hate, we are hypocrites, we disdain
Show us the path, you want us to attain

Earth: I can’t but I want; you can but you won’t.
By Muslim, Hindu, Sikh; you are known.
I adjusted with capitalism, humans casteized humanism.

Mother! forgive me, you mothered all religion.
We, in illusion, vanity and confusion.
Raging, pre-empting; increasing separation.

Earth: Annihilation, destruction comes with overpopulation.
Not you, others too, my succession.
Sit, think of your actions; you are only here,
This is only me, protecting generation.

Mother! Known, who cares; for us, reasons are hollow.
Whims, desires, Id to follow.
Braves, come and die or ends in gallows.