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Mama I’m coming home

a poem by cg_a

Times have changed, and the gaps are widened;
I think I’ll go back home;
I could be wrong, but it’s been so long;
Mama I’m coming home;
People now estranged, and the hearts are saddened;
I just wanna go back home;
Just mere mortals that’s who we are…
Now she’s proved that we’ve gone too far;
I think I’ll go back home;
Blinded souls strewn everywhere…
From the cruel truth there’s nothing left to share;
Mama I’m coming home;
Now there’s no homes left, just memories shattered;
Their fathers and mothers and children slaughtered;
Mama shall I come back home?
There’s lot of questions to be answered now…
It’s not “when” and it’s not “how”;
But mama jus’ tell me, “where” shall I go back home;

(Inspired by Tsunami and Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mama I’m coming home”)