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The Pain of a Broken Relationship

a poem by Cattie

What pains do we have in our life to Bear,
It sometimes can simply kill you, I Swear.

The hurt, the insults, the pain of Suffering,
Makes the heart bleeding with the sharp Sting.

Words are so painful, it cuts you like a Knife
Slicing your peace and happiness a Rife

Why is it that, the One who you love and care the Most,
Can burn your heart and soul to a black Roast ?

When you love someone, so deeply and Sincerely,
But you are treated so rudely and thrown like a Flea.

Why does the heart still repeatedly suffer and Care,
Why does the soul feel lonely without its other Pair.

A little respect for this love, is all I dare to Ask,
Is giving a little in return, too big to Task ?

The mind wanders blankly remembering sweet Visions,
The air is cold, muffled with drumming sound of Pigeons.

You think of all you did and all you gave, so Wholly,
The things you endured and sacrificed so Boldly.

The lengths you went through to make the relationship Special,
You stare at the broken pieces of your heart in a state of Baffle.

Those little memories, those sms, those emails, those Phonecalls,
You cling onto to them and try to rewind and Recall.

Vividly you see the smile, you hear the laughter, you feel the Touch,
But it does not help you except send tears to your eyes in a Rush.

You wonder where you went wrong, you wonder how it all Happened.
But all you can hear is your own sobs, all you see is a future Blackened.

Never give yourself up so totally, so deeply, you silly Fool,
Have they not taught you to have self-respect and dignity in School ?

So what if that ‘somebody’, was Everything to you in the World ?
So what if you were kicked out by somebody, into the dark Cold ?
So what if you now have no one to Hold ?
So what if you valued that Relationship more than diamonds and Gold?

Nothing last forever, so says the wise Man,
Pick up your little pieces of your heart, while you Can.

Go back to your Life, keep your head up High,
Say you are Happy, even though you know it’s a Lie.