Poems by
Birumi Swati

The Drown

a poem by Birumi Swati

I’m drowning
I’m drowning in this whirlpool,
I’m losing my cool.
The clouds overhead,
They thunder and lighten
The lightning strikes my vein
And burns me, burns my heart
But I’m helpless like a wingless bird.
It’s a disaster
It’s devastation
It’s catastrophe in creation.

There’s smog all around me,
I have my eyes wide open
But I still can’t see.
The smog’s thickening,
It’s darkening
And I’m disappearing.
I’m disappearing into the darkness,
My compulsion is my blindness
And I cannot be cured
Cause may be
I don’t wanna see
May be I don’t wanna see.

The tornado blew away my Veil,
I’m standing naked and exposed
I’m standing in hell.
But you can’t touch me
You can’t save me
You can’t help me
Cause may be
I don’t wanna be saved
Maybe I don’t wanna be saved.

Walking down this dusty road
Slipping and stumbling.
My breath created a dust storm
And the dust isn’t settling
The darkness is now uniform;
I got lost
I lost the track of time
I lost the track of route
And the north star can’t guide me
Cause may be
I don’t wanna be found
May be I don’t wanna be found.

But someday you might find me
By the beating heart’s deafening sound
And if you do,
That day,
Please don’t let me go.
Please don’t let me drown.