Poems by
Bipul Banerjee

On Being Nobody

a poem by Bipul Banerjee

On Being Nobody
O, what fun would it be to be a nobody!
The weight of Ego
The burden of ‘somebody’
The baggage of ‘me’
Shall all wither away
No gravity of indulgence
To pull your reverence down
The carefree breeze tickling the morning dew
The soft sun smiling through
The greens of trees swaying along
All devoid of that ‘somebody’
All happy by being ‘nobody’
Like a sand clad idol
I throw myself in the running rivers
Washing away ‘myself’
Clearing the debris of self-quoted pride
I shall lie beneath in the river bed
Listening to the music of gushing waters
That cleanse my soul as they run
Below and above me without
Looking for acknowledgements