Poems by
Bijoyini Maya

Husband and Wife

a poem by Bijoyini Maya

Plunged… soaked… “Hello stranger!”
Honey I am home… are you ranger?
(Thou mind is a wanderer… home is nihilism.
Parched throat beside a riverbed, your absenteeism.)
Did you know Veronica decided to die…?

I was just wondering, lemonade or kai?
(My mind is screaming at your laughter)
This news rang in my head all noon… slaughter!
(Your gestures were pinning on to my mind)–
Yet to read, biscuits or chops my kind?
Today was a wonderful busy day
(With her around, your desires come alive, don’t they?)

Oh is it… I called, sorry! How dumb?
Too many deadlines… did the plumber come?
(Yes and he couldn’t fix my mind, so vent his anger on the pipe)
You will be happy to know all taps are fixed… here, the grapes are ripe
(Have while I devise my disappearing partner.)

Glad… what’s cooking for dinner?
(Wish I could cook you if I didn’t love you so much)
The usual… your favourites… Dutch
You make my life!
(And you fill the bed with deathly shadows of unknown nightlife)

Saw a whale yesterday and crooned the baby whale…
Hand me over the ale.
(Smiling) You know dear
Had heard somewhere… “If you believe
in love at first sight you never stop looking.”*

*The last line in quotes is part of a dialogue from the movie Closer (2004)