Poems by
Bharat P Bedi

Can we imagine

a poem by Bharat P Bedi

Can we imagine
We are living,
Life has stopped,
There is air of
Eeriness around;
No traffic, no sound
No hurry, no flurry
Buzz is there, activity down,
Hmm is there, throb has gone,
Life is under lock-down;

Can we imagine
Life has taken a U-turn
Gifted us time in return,
Time for togetherness
Time for familial ties
Time to mend fences
Time to tend sighs,
Time to laze,
Time for clarity,
Free from haze;
Time to hear chirping birds
Time for music, we
Always yearned to hear;

Can we imagine
Time has given us time
To fill voids in family life,
When occupation occupied
Every aspect of our life,
This is the time to rectify
Break free, have time,
Live life, as if
Life is under Lock-down.