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a poem by Benjamin

You don’t know what it’s like
To love a girl with your life,
But you can’t take her outside
Because you know it isn’t right.
If you try it, they will fight you.
Fight back they will kill you.
I don’t know why it’s so
But that is how life goes.
She cried, I cried, we cried
Can’t stop till one of us die.
Can’t stop till one of us die.

Two hearts tied and glued,
Love shared, trite and true.
Two virgins clean and pure
What happened is left to you.
She, an Angel and I, a demon
Rejoicing in an illegal union.
Her love was strong and patient,
Her tears were precious and potent,
Her heart loyal and faithful
My actions proud and boastful.

Two birds, free but caged
Singing songs of love with rage.
Crying for freedom in the morning,
Enslaving themselves in the evening.
Yearning for geographical freedom
While locked in a psychological dungeon.
A beauty and a love goddess
Whose words are true and modest
Entangled with a lonely coward
Whose words are never forward.

This curse must be broken
And this delusion forsaken.
Who will make the resolution?
How and when? Is the question.
Not her, not I, not us,
We can’t stop or pause.
She cried, I cried, we cried.
Can’t stop till one of us die.
Can’t stop till one of us die.