Poems by
Avijit Barua Avi


a poem by Avijit Barua Avi

Life is not a dream
All sages say
It needs to well drive
With love, affection, tolerance.

Shining morning sunshine
Fortalt a presence day.
Sometimes it brings sorrow
Remember it will be overcome.

You need to love, support
Hold hand to your love
Not to judge them
With their emotional behaviour
But with their inner love.

You should love your love
With all mercy, with all kindness
Should try to listen their inner cry
Which they hide inside their heart.

Should not blame you love.
If you lost them
May not be have time
To say sorry or beg mercy.
May not hold your tears
Or not to your emotions
Or your guilty feeling.

So every second, every hour, every day
Say loudly your love
With a voice like a ocean waves
Or like a voice on the reflection of the mountain hill
Or the sound like Himalayan Mountains Mount Everest.
Beg forgiveness to your love
For any sorrow by your behaviour.