Poems by
Ateeba Kamal

Concrete jungle

a poem by Ateeba Kamal

I wish to live in a world where fauna will digest home for home concept
Where flora would be spared by request before they dissect

Sky kissing skyscrapers, indicators of infrastructure and pride with shiny lights and beams
They overhear hues and cry of a cub in the search of home it screams

Save tiger, save rhinoceros and save whatever comes to the edge of extinction
Who led them here? Who did that? Ask those huge industries under construction!

I no longer find a place on earth, purity and fresh air burnt to ashes and trash,
Approaching to the day when we buy oxygen when our lungs crash!

Ozone no longer can take the splashes of heat waves,
I wish we could set fire to this concrete jungle and return to peaceful caves!