Poems by
Arnab Kumar Roy

I will always love you

a poem by Arnab Kumar Roy

I have counted countless drops of moments of my life in search of you,
My spirit has danced with your shadow under the lovely sky,
At the break of dawn, your morning kiss has opened my eyes.
Your silvery laughter has filled my life with joy,
You have coloured my colourless drops of tears with happiness.

Every passing day you are my prayer to God,
You are the brightest star twinkling in the darkest room of my heart,
You are my past, present and future.
In the pages of my heart, I have drawn your face by colours of love,
The silence between us has expressed the inexpressible love.

Your beauty has played with the eyelashes of my eyes,
You are the reason of my life.
I will love you forever, my beloved.
In your arms let me breathe my last breath and die.