Poems by
Anuska Sahukar

Words Over the Wind

a poem by Anuska Sahukar

Today the wind seems to blow very fast
The refreshing beauty it still seems to hast.
It appears to have no sound
But only some can hear the leaf crashing bound.

Birds are chirping here and there, crying
But, I am here, sitting alone seem to be dying.
Dying to hear them once again in life
Dying to have this moment again after thrive.

I want this to freeze,
And enjoy this smooth calming breeze.
But deep inside even I know
That this fulfilling seed I can never after sow.

This is what makes memories,
Memories, that will be said to children like stories.
I wish I had many lifetimes,
So, I can live every moment and sing their hymns.

I wish I could fade with the wind
And forget the throbbing hind.
I wish I could travel with the blow
Travel and travel the world with a sudden throw.

At night it seems more calm
Blows over the cities and over the farm.
May some cannot smell
The sweet fragrance that makes me dwell.

The fragrance that is very dear to me
Which reminds me of my village where I loved to be.
Sometimes of flowers and nature
Or sometimes of past, that is more stranger.

I hope I feel it the next time
I could even see its melodious chime.
I hope the next time I would flow with it
I could request for it to be with me off my acquit.

Today the wind seems to quell,
For me, but is always the same whether heaven or hell.