Poems by
Annika Basnet

Wanna be Selfish

a poem by Annika Basnet

For once I wanna stop
Stop thinking if my words were kind enough
If I was loving, caring, giving and what not
Cause it’s impossible for a person to have it all

I wanna stop pleasing people
Cause I know they don’t care
Stop wasting my tears
And living in despair

I wanna be selfish for once
I wanna be messed up too
I wanna be myself once
And happy for poo

I want to smile the true smile
And not just fake it
Stop saying words I don’t mean
Even if being alone is what it means

Wanna stop being friendly
When real friendship seldom exists
Wanna get out by myself and feel a little selfish

I now know it’s okay
To put yourself first
That’s something no-one else does
Wanna stop being available
That’s not what my life purpose was

Respecting yourself is as important as air
Stay true and happy
Attracting only positive vibes and flare
No means no what a meaningful phrase
This is what every silenced heart wants to say