Poems by
Anita Pitter

My Friend Circle

a poem by Anita Pitter

I have friends who claim to have knowledge infinite,
They are readily accessible and rarely out of sight,
Their distinguished society is so agreeable to me,
They are as eloquent as a companion could ever be!

Some reveal to me the basic secrets of nature,
Opening to me various avenues like a teacher,
Some patiently teach me to restrain my desire,
Others, with their vivacity rekindle a dying fire…

And drive away my worries for me to be self reliant,
Some teach me to be calm, while others, to be defiant,
They aren’t preachy, judgmental, egoistic or rude,
They are worldly wise, patient, humorous, never crude!

Each one offering valuable advice is my constant mate!
Shaping my thoughts imperceptibly, either early or late
I am sure to converse gladly with wise friends as these,
Insightful, intriguing, funny, captivating, if you please!

My friendship with them has been blossoming with time,
No matter how much they cost, they are worth every dime!
My ‘BOOKS’ are PERFECT friends! Friends, I truly adore!
With every ‘BOOK’ that’s fulfilling, I desire many more!