Poems by
Anindya Ganguly

You and I

a poem by Anindya Ganguly

Balloons, toys and butterflies
Floated around our ferry of life

We were kids when we met
You were seven I was ten

Silly like always, I would cruise
Daily to your home, up in blues

We sapped a tree with love and care
The tree grew old as time got older

From kid-ling’s bliss to teens we grew
Held our hands as adolescence brew

The confused me sought your vow
And we married under the altar’s glow

The tree of life slowly aged
As we ripened our fondling dates

Trading with death, you left too soon
Musical of life was swoon to croon.

With the demise, I had nothing to thrive
Our memories faded and soon they dried.

I became senile and my condition bred
In age’s golden box called Alzheimer’s pledge

The tree soon withered all its golden leaves
As I slept in Peace smelling strawberries.