Poems by
Animesh Mishra

A Village

a poem by Animesh Mishra

In the lap of nature,
Stands a village,
Glorious and grand,
Immortalizing nature,
Encompassing beauty.

The rays of life,
Scatter themselves through the leaves
Encrusting the village with gold,
Scattering the body
Into the four elements.

The lake grand and glittering,
Reflects life
Opening the mask of humans.
Wearing the necklace of lotus
And earrings of The banyan
It sustains life.

The first rays ring the bells of the temple
Releasing each from the bond.

The farmer comes out
Bidding farewell to his family,
To reach the field
Where humanity would progress.

All season he works
For humans to survive
But has little to survive.

One family of hundred live in that village
Centuries old they are,
Making love immortal,
They will take birth, live and die there
Till the end of the earth.

The village witnesses
Love, care and compassion
A heaven on earth it is,
The night stars twinkle as if smiling
For God sits and looks down at their own garden.