Poems by
Amrisha Tripathi

Yes! I am a Girl.

a poem by Amrisha Tripathi

(A girlish story in Poetic terms)

Yes! I am a girl.
And I am proud to be a girl.

But sometimes I ponder.
Why I am a girl? I wonder.

Last day my mother apprised.
You are a girl, be composed and resigned.

I got my temper high.
I came up with a sudden reply.

Why only girls need to be calm and quiet everywhere?
This was a question with despair.

My mother elaborated with eyes wet.
The society hasn’t changed yet.

We live in an independent nation.
Where girls are bounded with limitations.

Some limitations, that ancient people created.
And some limitations, that evil society wanted.

We are living in twenty-first century, but tell me if I am lying.
Every second girl listens a comment- “be a girl, stop flying”

We say girls and boys are equivalent.
Then why girls are not independent.

A boy walking alone during night is smart and valiant.
And a girl doing so is flagrant and blatant.

Why a boy is said “Sharma ji ka beta studies and plays good”.
And why a girl is said “Sharma ji ki beti cooks tasty food”.

Apart these all discriminations.
The major is blood-curdling dark hours of vicious formation.
We know only one NIRBHAYA case.
But on the same matter, everyday a girl loses her life race.

Our Army is world’s second largest.
But tell me, if a girl can walk alone overnight with rest.

So, let’s come together and make sure.
That every girl in the nation is independent and secure.

That will be the real independence day of country.
When each and every girl will be equal and free.

It’s moment to change society with time. Right?
So, let’s have a revolution fight.

Nothing is constant, everything changes.
Everything changes, beyond imaginations and ranges.

So, it’s time to have change.
It might be strange.
So Girls!
Get up!
Dress up!
Be Ready!
Stop pleasing everyone every time, start hustling and bustling.
“Be the Girl no one saw coming”.