Poems by
Akshit Anand

My Everything

a poem by Akshit Anand

You are my everything,
And I hope that you can see.
You are everything I asked for,
Just what I needed you to be.

I hope you’ll always know,
There is a special part.
Saved up just for you,
Right here in my heart.

Deep down we knew,
The ending would come at last.
And now that its here,
Its happening way too fast.

Everything we had,
Will soon be lost in time.
The memories will fade.
But I’ll remember this goodbye.

It breaks my heart to know.
I won’t see you ever again.
These are our last moments,
And they’re coming to an end.

If you don’t remember this,
Then just before you go.
Get this one last thing,
This is I want you to know.

You’re the first one I let in,
And the first I’m letting go.
I will always love you,
And your love is all I’ve known.