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Words of Eyes

a poem by Akansha

I trust the words of eyes
As they never betray
And my eyes tell you all
That I can never say

Hold my hands tight
And take me to places
Show me all your scars
Show me those bruises

Tell me how they lied
Tell me how they hurt you
Tell me about your smiles
Tears that escaped too

How you loved people
Like you loved stars
But only a few stayed
And rest are too far

Share me the jokes
That makes you laugh
And about all those girls
Who broke your heart

I want to know it all
Deep inside your soul
Dig inside your past
All those stories untold

If it’s all a dream
Everything that I see
I’ll rather ditch the world
Where you’re not with me
My love

You never grow old
You’re heart of time
Tangled in my heart
You are all mine

Hope these words tells you
What I could never say
I trust the words of heart
As they never betray