Poems by
Ajay Kumar Dey

Love Poems

a poem by Ajay Kumar Dey

You cannot rest
Find out that address
I found happiness not unknown to myself

‘Thinina’ eyes,
Actually you love poetry
Find happy addresses

The waves of the ocean will be the dance of dance
When the air is sweet sweet and ears ears
‘Sraban’ cloud comes to mind thickness
The sound of rain is the feeling of body shaking
Love poetry…

Characters will be shaped, the fragrance will be the mind
The rhythm is a rhyme matching
How many unknown dreams are in the light of the expression
The heart is touched by one side of the heart
‘Saratrata Hasnuhana’, one of the ‘Parasamani’ that is
Love poems, once.
Not everyone can live well
So most spend a exiled life
If you have an unlimited color, your mind is in the soul
The eternal spring is worn with black magic
Just once
Love poems