Poems by
Aishwarya Singh

A Hug, Your Hug

a poem by Aishwarya Singh

It took a pandemic to make me realise its value,
No, I wasn’t prepared for it, but it hasn’t come out of blue.
Though people said earlier, Covid is not a joke,
But I’d thought it would get over soon, I then had Hope.

Four months into this lock-down, 120 days of coping up,
One hundred and twenty days of telling myself, stay positive girl, over is the time of bad luck.
How many more months like this, it’s very hard to predict,
All I can do now is wait for the time to get rid of it.

I need you to hug me, I need you to comfort me
I need you to hold my hands firmly and just whisper to me:
“This too shall pass, this is just a phase,
Things will get better soon; we just have to wait.”

The warmth and comfort I need are very rare to find today,
But a hug used to give me all, your hug that is, specifically to say.
It had given me hope and happiness, I should have saved it for now
When I need it the most, but sadly I don’t know how.

I am not okay today, I was not okay week before,
It’s becoming hard to stay positive now, with the situation still bad at its core.
I wish I had hugged you a little longer when I could,
I wish I could steal some extras and use it safely. Yes I should.