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Don’t forget to live!

a poem by Aishwaraya

You wake up,
You eat,
You study,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

Do you realise that life is much more than that?
That just studying is not important,
But to gain Knowledge is what is important?
That you need to get away from your visual reality of your
mobiles and laptops and all sorts of technology,
And move to Physical Reality.
Because you know,
having sex is better than just watching porn.

You wake up,
You eat,
You work,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

You’ve become a Workaholic.
Have you ever realised that you’re in a relationship with your boss, colleagues and a laptop?
You Need to spend time with loved ones,
because it’s true what they say,
‘money can’t buy happiness’ nor can it buy time.
So run back home, give some love to everyone.
Leave the square box you’re caught in, go outside and breathe,
And this time breathe for yourself!

You wake up,
You eat,
You pray,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

You’re old now, grow up now at least,
Love yourself, but also leave some love for your family and friends.
Your life has probably been an average roller coaster ride,
so at least give the ending an edge.

Life is much more than just living like a robot,
you need to remember you are a human,
you can live, laugh and love.
Because at the end of the day,
you want to be happy and satisfied
Because remember, every second that passes by, brings you closer to your Death.