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Empty Love

a poem by Aimen

There isn’t a point in “life”
But then why can’t I tell you how I feel?

Am I afraid to die? Die too soon?
Or am I afraid to live a life with you?

I am emotionless and confused…
I cannot comprehend how you feel after my irregular and absurd outbursts

Sometimes I cannot understand them too…
But maybe it’s because I am in love
But cannot say it, fear of death hangs within me like a noose slowly tightening it’s grip around me

And yet it is the same death that I had befriended and loved dearly
Perhaps… it is you I do not wish to be the cause of my eternal slumber

Am I making peace with myself by moving on and leaving you…
Yes I’m trying
But I still feel something at your thought that isn’t encapsulated in emptiness.
I am feeling emotions again but before I knew it I was back into this empty void like state,
Since I had forgotten that you were the cause of it in the first place.