Poems by
Abhinoy Chakravorty


a poem by Abhinoy Chakravorty

It makes you feel apologetic
It makes you feel great
With memories most vivid
And thoughts most innate
Judgmental and biased, Critical or bizarre
May hit you bad leaving wounded and scarred
May gravely effect temperament
When we spare time to introspect

We explore ourselves, know us better
The nasty brain is always their to deter
Flaws look enormous, Qualities seldom prevail
Truth leaves you shaken good enough to derail
May look like one man of misery or an angel of grace
Emotions and sentiments occupy the space
Relies on the past, torments the present
When we spare time to introspect

Callous or serious, carefree or sensible
Your deeds bog you down, fissures and voids become visible
Makes your head spin, can even make you grin
No one to attack, no one to rescue, no enemy, no kin
Can make you calm, May make you lose your cool
Flamboyance subsides, regret rules the roost
Tryst with your conscience, actions on the stake
Our unrealized dreams, our guilt keep us awake
Makes us repent, makes us lament
When we spare time to introspect

It’s never too late yet it’s never prescribed
Aftermath of it, can hardly be described
Clashes keep echoing, turbulence perturbs
Radical upheaval and commotion disturbs
It may cause decline, may decimate,
It may instigate, it may sedate
It may revive or resurrect
When we spare time to Introspect.