Poems by
Abhinav Srivastav


a poem by Abhinav Srivastav

I’m counting my blessings
From this breath to my friends
Everything I own in this society
Has made me better than I was

Some have left me, some still hold my hand
Some detest me while some admire me
Whoever it is I met till this breath,
Has taught me lessons

Some days were below my happy line
While a few were off the chart
I have lost contact with the balance
Just oscillating above and below

Still, I feel gratitude towards them
My bad days reminded me to cherish the good while I still can
My good days reminded me to be happy
They both have instructed me to live

They all have moulded me into something that I am today
Either I live in disguise or as oneself
I will always be grateful
Thank you