Poems by
Abhay Kumar

Feeling the feelings!

a poem by Abhay Kumar

You can weep on your pain,
but you can’t laugh on other’s pain.
You can cry on lost net connection,
but you can’t mock who lost vision.
You can complain huge pain in your father’s knees,
but to whom he will complain who has
neither father nor knees?
You can be frustrated by lost promotion,
But who will listen to whom who lost job?
You can feel sick that you have only daughters
not son,
what about whom who have no child?
You get angry that your child not eating meal
despite so much options,
how will they bear who have no meal and no option.
We may get penniless in the last days of month,
but will you stop scorning them
who are penniless whole month.
This is enough,
Long will be boating,
As I am not also Innocent.