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In the Grave of Love

a poem by Yogesh

In a home of everlasting night
Fantasy held it’s source
And mounted upon life’s first desire,
A desire to see the home
With the vision of joy
And digest the joy with the vision of dream.

Unknown to the vast life
Love crept behind and came out of vision
And echoed to the sleeping soul
‘Love not an illusion but a feeling within vision’.
Now, who helps the heart beat?
And who awakens the drowsy heat?
The heavens do not help the sweet sufferings.

Oh! What love is a miraculous feeling
Miraculous feeling in the thinking light
And an ecstatic fantasy in the dreaming dark.

But a dark’s dream
Hoping to still last and love
When the woman answered not.

In the home of everlasting night
Dream grieved its home to grave
Finding its fantasy within.
For the dream of dark and the light of thought
Towards love, they no longer fought.