Poems by
Winnie J. Panicker

Flowers on the Violin

a poem by Winnie J. Panicker

The wide street lay spread
Dew filled leaves swayed lightly in the air
The air was cold and soft
And the street was silent as light

She stood on the side of the road
A damsel queen… so pretty to see
Her hair swayed in the mild air
She had some flowers in her hand to sell

On one side of the street
Was an old fashioned house
Just mildly could it be seen
Through the dense dew

She walked slowly with a silent song in her lips
She should hear, from somewhere a slow beautiful music
It was the violin playing
From the old house beside the road

She went to the house and knocked
There was no answer from inside
She silently opened the door
Walked slowly inside the room

There she saw in the middle of the room
An innocent young man… with a violin in his hands
She walked with ample care
Went next to him… but no!!
He couldn’t see her… Blind was he

She sat next to him and listened in silence
The melody of the violin
She didn’t know she dropped a candle
There! He stops playing
“Who is there next to me?”

She got scared
Asked him in a slow voice
“Would you buy some flowers?”
He stood up with anger in his face
“How dare you enter without me knowing?
You have no right to listen my music… Go Away!”

“Would you buy some flowers”?
“Go Away… I say… Leave!”
She takes her steps back
Starts to leave… but thanks him inside her
For the beautiful music and places a bunch of flowers
On his Violin…