Poems by
Vivek S Auchare

I can’t tell you

a poem by Vivek S Auchare

I can’t tell you!!!
Yes! The time has come to decide, but can’t decide,
every thought comes with the thorns and bleeds my mind
how can I tell you, I can’t decide.
My heart fights with my mind,
as he feels we can be one.
Sacrificing all, we can win,
but is it that true and kind
‘cause I can’t bear taking you all the pain,
even can’t see all going in vain.
How can I bear the seas of tears for your eyes
to be one;
but there will be oceans of tears from our eyes
to win.
Why I love you so much, I can’t decide that,
just one thing to say which is the fact.
It is better to shed the blood than the tears,
it is better to start, than to wait for years.
But all this I can’t tell you
‘cause I love you, dear.