Poems by
Vishal Oberoi

Falling in Love

a poem by Vishal Oberoi

When you see a world in a rose,
and forget about your own;
When you walk a beach at dawn,
and still don’t feel alone;

When you stare for hours, on a moon-lit night,
at just one star in the sky;
When you feel glad to be alive,
and believe that you can fly;

When just a thought can make you laugh,
and a song can make you cry;
When you give a rose to all whom you know,
and can’t answer when they ask why;

When years go by like days at times,
and days go by like years;
When you watch a movie for the hundredth time,
and it still moves you to tears;

When you understand the pleasures of life,
the simpler, the better they are;
And you feel that, to see the whole world,
you needn’t travel too far;

Many a creation mystifies me,
from the earth to the sky above;
But there’s nothing as wonderful, or even as pure,
as the feeling, of falling in love…