Poems by
Vinay Kumar B

Who am I?

a poem by Vinay Kumar B

The hardest substance on earth,
I am carbon by birth.
I am shimmering bright,
And am very light.
I was created by that lord,
Whom you earthlings call God.
Found deep under the earth,
From extreme pressure is my birth.
I am costlier than gold.
At high rates I am sold.
Due to me many thefts occur.
Again and again they do reccur.
I am a major component of jewellry.
Doesn’t that encourage robbery?
In many colours I am found.
In many shapes – polygons and round.
When I am found I am not shining.
For that I require a fine cutting.
I also adorn the lord’s chest.
As Kaustuba which is the best.
Women are the ones who like me most.
Well! I give them a reason to boast.
On earth I am one of the best.
About me you know the rest.
So, with my widespread fame.
You must have guessed that diamond is my name.