Poems by
Vinay Bahety

My Idol – Sachin Tendulkar

a poem by Vinay Bahety

Sachin is the world’s best batsman,
With a bat, he is really a craftsman.
He may be stocky and short,
But unfit!? I’m sure he is not!

He uses the willow like a master,
While running no one is faster.
He cuts and drives with class,
A bad ball! he never lets pass.

It does not matter if you are Pollock or Warne,
When he hits, the ball, it’s gone.
Everyone from Bradman to Waugh,
Says he is one of the finest they saw.

As a bowler he swings and spins,
Sometimes they fall like nine pins…
On the field he never misses a catch,
Very often he is Man-of-the-Match.

I salute you TENDULKAR, our Little Master Blaster;
When you retire, it will be a disaster.
Stay healthy till the day you quit,
My prayers are with you, stay fit!!!